Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Today's Game Pitch is a puzzle game in the realm of that fantastic board game "Guess Who?"

Only instead of trying to guess the person, you try to figure out what phobias the person suffers from! So, Steve would come up and you'd tap questions like:

"Can her go outside"

"Does he do better in the light or the dark?"

"Do scaly things make him nervous?"

"Does he dislike Friday the thirteenth?"

And then based on all the answers you would guess Steve was agoraphobic, achluophobic, ophidiophobic, and paraskavedekatriaphobic!

You could unlock phobias as you go, and the game would get more and more complicated! Imagine the fun of local wireless two-player mode!

This idea is copy write protected because it's so good. 

Also, this is best website ever: The Phobia List

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