Monday, May 02, 2011


As much as I hate it when my husband is away for a few days, it always makes for an interesting experience. Because as much as I am capable to taking care of myself, I am also very, very stupid and rely heavily on Justin to get me through the day unharmed. The last time he went out of town I immediately hit my head so hard that I almost took myself to the hospital.  Here is what day one and two of his absence looked like:


930am woke up,  confused about where he was
945- 1015am walked dog. 
1016 ate yogurt
1017 -1130am sat on the couch staring into space 
1130am decided to clean the house
1145am found a container of bleach and decided to "bleach clean" a bunch of things
1146am almost drank a glass of bleach
12-8pm a fog, not sure what I did. May have walked the dog and gone to the gym.
8pm watched "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"
10-1015pm walked the dog
11-12am read the New Yorker to feel that I accomplished something
12am passed out


8am woke up, confused and scared
815-845am walked the dog
9am ate yogurt and tried to continue reading the New Yorker. So long.
10am decided to clean the bathroom
1015am almost poisoned myself with comet
11 -1230pm worked out. YES!
1245pm- 9pm watched Law & Order Special Victims Unit marathon, during which I saw the following two amazing things:

1. The Prince from Game of Thrones in a Wendy's Commercial:

2. An Extra with Some Hilarious Stripey Socks:

Close Up:

Hee hee! Nice costuming, extra costumer! 

9pm watched Game of Thrones while finishing off a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. (Note: this was not my dinner. I ate dinner at 5pm because I was "bored".)
10pm watched most of The Killing, but started to fall asleep
1045pm walked dog
11pm passed out
11pm - 7am dreamt that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were competing over my friend Stacey and I sleeping at their respective houses.

Who knows what will happen on day three!!!!

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