Thursday, April 14, 2011


Nice days like today are fraught with peril for people like me who use most of our down time to write, play video games, or watch TV.  On rainy days we breathe a sigh of relief because we have a valid excuse to stay in and hunch over our computers, but on perfect Spring days, like today, we have to admit that we may have a problem. 

I thank God above that I own a dog because he forces me to drag my ass out side for at least 20 minutes (usually longer thank you PETA) a few times a day. Before him it was just me and the cat who shared my love of watching hulu and napping for 12 hours at a time.

I'm trying to think of some ways I can still be a plugged in while fighting my vitamin D deficiency. 
Here's what I've come up with:

- Take my Nintendo DS to the park and continue playing Pokémon White Version. As long as I find some shade to play under the glare won't be so bad.

- Load up some MOTH Pod Casts on the ol' ipod and take a walk along the water's edge, thus still submerging my brain in digital hipsterisms. 

- Play brick breaker on my blackberry in the coffee shop's out door patio. Bonus: looks like I am doing work!

- Think about Law & Order: SVU while I watch children play on jungle gyms. 

- Take a walk around Manhattan and try to find a Gossip Girl film shoot. 

- Read the latest Nintendo Power at the beach. 

Any other suggestions to help me get out but not unplug? 


Lisa said...

Have kids.

Lisa said...

Have kids.

Phaea C. said...

Thanks Lisa! That should take my full attention!