Monday, April 18, 2011


When people said they didn't like The Simpsons, High School age Phaea got so upset she almost cried. Because she loved The Simpsons, and she loved them 1,000 times more then she liked anybody in High School (with a few exceptions!)

And now when my husband puts the show on, I groan. It's a real tragedy.  I find the show tiresome now. Unfunny, too unbelievable, and boring. And I know the exact  moment that I lost faith in the show, that moment when everything changed.

It was the episode "Take my Wife, Sleaze", when Homer fought a duel with a biker, both using motorcycles.

That's what I gave up. 1999.

I am really curious if you all have a similar moment from an episode, the moment that you gave up?

Let me know in the comments! 


Jane Doo said...

Really? I LOVED that episode!
"Mrs. S, I killed my pencil"
"No, you broke your pencil."
"I broke him."

My least favorite episode in years was more recent, where Lisa gets a new best friend and the episode does a blase, half-assed parody of "Heavenly Creatures". It was just terrible and really drove home that the writers are now hipster fanboys that shouldn't be allowed to write for a show they grew up watching.

That being said, I still watch it every Sunday, and every now and then it gives me a good laugh. I also get immensely pissed off if something gets between me and my 7pm re-run, which has been a staple of my life for at least ten years now.

Shatraw said...

that terrible season finale in which bart and lisa go to military school. there was a few episodes after that i liked, but i think that was the first moment when i realized it was possible for me to NOT like the simpsons.

Kablack said...

I can't pinpoint a single episode. For me, it was more a slow decline into blase-ness. The last time I remember enjoying the show was the season that included the episode with Pinchy. The season premiere featured Homer turning his head around 360 degrees and Marge screaming in horror before everything turns out fine. I was convinced that entire season was just the writers seeing if it was even possible to get cancelled. When they found out it wasn't, I think complacency quickly followed.

Anonymous said...

There's when I gave up on the show in the sense that I stopped watching, and there's when I gave up on it in the sense that, though I still watched every week, I had no expectation that I would love it anymore. I think the episode that broke me was the one where one of the main plots is that Krusty is annoyed at being constantly given notes by his show's producers. I mean, notes? Who cares? And do I remember right that that was the first seriously bad Sideshow Bob episode, too?