Friday, April 22, 2011


I've never been a high energy person. At sleepovers I would always be begging my friends to go to sleep. When I bar-tended I would kick patrons out at 12am on the dot so I could go to bed. If I am bored, I go lay down. 

I discovered coffee freshman year of high school and hated it. It tasted like medicine and made me sweat like a drug addict -- ironic because I quickly became hooked on the stuff. I loved how it caused me to brun brightly for  a whole day! In college I used coffee primarily to get me though work outs at the gym, but never to stay up all night because I still liked to go to bed at 11am. My housemates senior year can attest to that. 

Now in days I need 2 - 3 cups to just make it through the day. My energy is so low that I can't plan to do any more then work, work out/go to a meeting, and then go to bed for 8-10 hours. The first thing I cut out was my social life, which was easier then I thought because of my live in best friends (dog, cat, husband). The next thing on the list to go was shopping for food. Fresh Direct and living off of eggs and bread -- two things you can buy ANYWHERE -- suffices. But, also, I am still tired!

So, I chopped sugar out. I got a little thinner but still can't stay up past midnight. I assume as I get older this will get worse and worse. There will be a day in the future when I will only be functionally for 2 hours a day and the rest of the time I will have to be on the couch watching Law & Order and catching cat naps.

On second thought, that sounds awesome. 

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