Friday, April 15, 2011


Three days ago I made myself a lunch of a sandwich and a small salad. I searched my fridge for dressing and could only come up with a sesame vinaigrette that had expired in Jan of this year. I remember thinking "salad dressing doesn't expire" and poured a helping heaping on my salad. And then I ate it.

Consequently I spent 7:45pm - 8:45pm in the bathroom. I will spare you the details. 

Today I went home to make a lunch of a sandwich and a small salad. I opened the door to the fridge, took out the dressing, thinking "this might have given me that food poisoning..." and poured a heaping helping on said salad. And then I ate it.

Immediately I experienced what is technically known as "a grumbly in my tumbly". 

My question is, what is wrong with me? Is there a official term for it? Psychiatrists of the world -- help me out. 

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