Friday, June 05, 2009


I got up early to eat cereal and watch TV and caught this awesome couple:

They are the Masche Family and those six babies are now 2 years old and guess what?? They are starting a reality show!!!!! RAISING SEXTUPLETS A WE tv Original Series Premieres Thursday, June 11 at 10pm I 9c.

And the best part is that I just watched them BOTH say:

- They had no worries about it wrecking their lives like Jon and Kate because this was a totally different situation....

Yes...I see your point. Totally different because it's EXACTLY THE SAME.

Also, they answered that the reason they want a reality show is because it was so fun.
Totally...not for the money at all. I get that.

God, It will be just a matter of time before crazy people start having multiples just to have a TV show! Oh WAIT.

I bet if someone adopted 6 babies they wouldn't give them a reality show. Which is probably a good thing.

Here is what I say: ADOPT KIDS!!!! Stop using science to get you a show!!! All of you!!!

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