Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Russia, China seek greater international clout (AP)
Ok Russia, it's great to have goals, but China? What do you want greater of? Owning all of America? Because you do already. Dial it down China. Dial it down.

Letterman Apologizes Again For 'Bad' Palin Joke (E!)

Bad in the way that it gave Sarah Palin a reason to be back in our lives? Apology NOT accepted.

Search Launched for cruise ship passenger (CNN)
They should just make that part of the selling point for cruises: Carnival Cruises! Tour the Bahamas on a big boat with no law and free booze! Search will be launched for missing passengers!

Mel Gibson: Actor, director...songwriter (Yahoo!)
Are we just listing things that suck about Mel Gibson? Because I think we missed a few.

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