Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Here is what I look like in my various state of transcribing at my computer AND Justin's computer, which saves time.

With headphones:

Sans Headphones:

Then around 8pm, I started drinking.

All in all today, I had a meeting about a TV project, shot a spot for a website and am now settling into my all night transcribing job before heading off to my new full time gig as a production coordinator for an international show.

Who's the hardest worked man in show business? It's me. But I'm not a man. I. AM. NOT. A. MAN.

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Shatraw said...

definitely not a man.

i wondered what these pics were doing on my desktop. i thought you were sending them to your secret boyfriend or something.

also, i'm not sure that drinking on the job qualifies you as "hardest working" anything. OR DOES IT????