Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Oh its just all to overwhelming. The economy, the presidential race, the cold snap, the price of tea in China, China, that new living Princess I read about who had to spend a night in a room with decapitated goat heads to be offically declared the living princess, the mets, the sox, the giants, new IKEA, and all the rest.


So I choose to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart and blog.

A bunch of FUCKING mosquitoes.

My room is infested by one single mosquito every night which chews me up until I flip all the lights on a sit silent, like a monk, until the fucker lands I can beat it to death.

Today there were two in the bathroom.

One in the kitchen.

And one more in my bedroom as I attempted to do Yoga to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

Why are these mosquitoes alive!!!!! Why???? Did the cold snap drive them into my house's warm open arms? Are they trying to teach me a lesson about unemployment? Are they now officially my familiars?

me to the sky: WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!????????????????

I know it may seem like I'm over reacting (remember, unemployed people look at things different then you) but this mosquito problem is exactly like being water boarded, just a little, all the time.

I am about to snap and confess EVERYTHING.


There is murder in the air. And blood dripping from my walls. Those are not exaggeration's.

God I'm bored. Someone give me an audition.

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