Thursday, July 17, 2008


My buddy Slanch has a really sportsy blog, which I enjoy but don't entirely "get" all the time. I was jealous that I could not also write sports posts. But tonight we were all watching the Mets together and this amazing thing happened:

Shot: Pitcher Duaner Sanchez winds up. He is wearing a dusty hat.

Keith Hernandez: That hat has seen some wars!

Gary Cohen: Peloponnesian?

Take a moment.

In the moment of banter around a dusty hat Gary Cohen brought up which war?


I am astounded.

And David Wright got a sweet hit in the top of the 9th that tied the game!


I fucking love baseball.


Anonymous said...

today in mets!

Of course!

Shatraw said...

i fucking love you!

and also baseball.

cohencide said...

I usually ready your blog pretty regularly but for a while it seemed to have stopped or at least slowed down. Now I come back and the whole blog is about me. Gary as a baby name, Gary Cohen talking about the Peloponnesian War. If it's not deliberate, it's the universe trying to tell you something. Are you just too shy to come out and ask me to do a repeat performance of Trousy the One Eyed Purple Trouser Snake Puppet? I would have to repair the puppet, but I'm not opposed to the idea.

Shatraw said...

you saw gary cohen's pants puppet show?


and horrifying!