Monday, July 14, 2008


Just in case you wanted to know everything about my cab driver last night here it is:

- He has been driving a cab for 3 months.

- He had prostate cancer.

- His ass is all raw from sitting and he pees in a container, which he showed me.

- He used to be a salesman for a mid-level clothing store that sold to TJ Max and Strawberries, "you get me"?

- He made the mistake of switching to a different company for a larger 401 K and they fired him.

- He almost married a multi-millionaire who lived near Rutgers but the womans gay brother told him that it wasn't a good idea because it was obvious he liked the son of the woman more then the woman her self.

- His accountant made some bad decisions in the 90's (note, NOT investment broker) and now he is broke. And he lost his apartment on West 81st by the Museum.

- He is 62.

- He was set up with a woman who has 4 degrees, one from Harvard and three from BC and BU in developmental psychiatry. She lived in Boston and she looks like Mother Goose. But is the sweetest woman he ever met.

- On their first date she took in to the MFA.

- On their second date they were eating lobsters at the shore.

- This woman has a daughter in college. The daughter played ice hockey in high school and got a scholarship to Ainsley, Harvard and Brown. Her father told her to go to Ainsley because they would let her start playing hockey freshman year. She turned down Harvard and Brown to go there.

- He and Mother Goose were going to move to a one bedroom and out of his studio when he got prostate cancer and she had a stroke. He is clear from the cancer now but she can't get an operation because it affected her medulla oblongata but pulling it to the right of her head. She is in physical therapy for that as well as depression.

- If a woman loses a breast and the man leaves her, he didn't love her. (This was a metaphor I believe).

- He has never heard of Greenpoint, BK.

- If I was paying with a Credit Card he would like the biggest tip because the company takes 5% of tips and fares.

- He takes women right to their doors because thats the kind of guy he is.

I personally, did not want to know any of that.

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Shatraw said...

well, if all else fails in my life, i can always get a job as a cabbie in NYC and creep out pretty girls like you with stories that are disturbing, contradictory and unending.