Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have always been very inspired by the graffiti on subway ads, but as I passed through the G train station last week I saw the most amazingly revamped ad for "Step up and Dance", I was so touched by the brilliance I saw that I was determined to start an entire blog about the issue! "Pimp My Subway Ads" or the like. I was very, very excited about it and literally was almost prepared to throw all of my energy into this new blog project....until Slanch pointed out that the incredible UCB performer Jackie Clark had already done it: http://graffitijackieclarke.blogspot.com/. Damn. So my dream died a quick and pathetic death (along with the dream of becoming a botanist, but that's a different story), but I couldn't let the ad that inspired it all go with out seeing the light of blog. Here it is in all its brilliance:
As you can see the subway graffiti artist in question took one look at the poster and felt truly inspired to paint a deeper picture of each of the competing dancers back stories. Perhaps we have a humanitarian graffiti artist who fears that reality shows are destroying uniqueness among its competitors? Lets take a closer look:
Ok, so that dude on the end seems rather "typical". A dancer using the phrase "bitches" in a sort of gay phrase seems normal. But look at the choice to make the next dancer a transexual person. What a bold choice! And, good, they have some dicks in here. I was worried. Lets take a closer look at the owner:
His plight makes much more sense. See how the graffiti artist uses the dancers different levels on the poster to express change in status and mood? Brilliant. Moving down: There is so much going on! Look how shocked the male dancer is at the discovery of the transexual in their midst! Is this a metaphor for accepting the unknown in art? And that poor female dancer in the middle. One wonders what she did to deserve that. Besides agreeing to be on this show, one assumes. Ah, the sexuality issue rears it head. Clearly the artist was suggesting that sex takes many forms: barter, denial, questioning. Very moving. Look at this shapeless, detail-less human form who is only interested with procreation. Does he not represent all the rest of us? What do you think host, Elizabeth Berkley? Brilliant!!!

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Anonymous said...

i still think you can be both a botanist and a subway graffiti blogger