Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This afternoon I took a shot of whiskey out of my coworkers flask to help me get through a difficult moment at work. I believe this marks "the end", not sure of what. Sobriety, certainly.

Also- professionalism, unless it's the kind of professionalism that hard drinking-constantly yelling newspaper editors from the 1950's seem to have had. In that case, I am right on track.

Great Caesar's ghost.


Anonymous said...

I have a tupperware container of whiskey above my desk. It originated when the bottle needed to be used as a prop and we didn't want to throw away good, ok decent, whiskey. It is almost empty. Most of it has been taken on opening nights. But there have been occasions when I, or other coworkers, have been much in need during working hours.

natalie said...

I once drank wine left over from an office party when my old boss didn't let us out early for memorial day weekend. I soon got a "better" job. Whatever. Let's bring back the three martini lunch or the two vodka and soda brunch!

Jonny On The Spot said...

man i hope that was my fault. just like the coke in the computer.