Friday, January 04, 2008


With my friends all around me making witty repartee and offering intelligent opinions of all the candidates for president thus far I am finding my self facing some sad facts: My brain does not comprehend politics. I don't know how to read about it, I don't know what to watch on TV about it, and I really don't understand what a caucus is or why Iowa gets to decide something. My political opinions of each candidate are as follows:

Clinton: Don't like her because of that thing in Sicko where it said she took money from the bad insurance people.
Obama: Don't trust him because he looks like bat boy.
Edwards: Like him, but can't stop thinking about his poor wife! Why aren't you home with her?

Giuliani: He killed all the homeless people.
Huckabee: Really? Huckabee???? Nice "name". Also, his family is weird looking.
McCain: I think I like him because I thought my parents did. Mom says she kind of does, Dad denies every saying that, but I swear he at least thought McCain's wife was cool.
Romney: I definitely know my parents don't like him because when he was the...uh...govenor? or Massachusetts they were unhappy and I know he really fucked up the Health Insurance situation there because now everyone has to have it or else they get fined...but I only know that because my Mom told me.

If there was an awesome blog TMZ style featuring the candidates I sadly admit I would be really into it. That's my brain. And I love it.

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