Tuesday, January 22, 2008

(especially because last night I thought I invented it)


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Glory hole may refer to:

* Glory hole (mining), a type of mine
* Glory hole (petroleum production), an excavation to protect underwater wellheads from icebergs
* Glory hole (sexual), a hole in a wall used for sexual purposes
* "Glory Hole", a song by French singer Benjamin Biolay from his 2003 album Négatif
* A trench in trench warfare
* A colloquial term for any small room or cupboard, usually containing odds and ends
* A glassblowing term for an opening in a furnace, or a stand alone furnace, which is used to reheat the molten glass as it is formed
* Spillway in which a cement funnel is used to drain excess water over a certain level from a reservoir, usually behind a dam
* A small compartment fore or aft of the main engine room in a ship, usually contains access to steering or output shaft gear.
* A fictional Theme park in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that is often advertised on the radio. The name is taken from the sexual meaning of "glory hole."

What a noun!!

Also, today in my least favorite fruit in a granola and fruit bowl:

Pineapple. Brrrrr.


cohencide said...

What did you think it meant when you invented it?

I invented a word to use to describes, "words that don't rhyme with any other words". But unfortunately the word I invented is "blorange" so I can't think of any examples. Thank you! I'm here all week! Try the veal.

Phaea C. said...

When I invented it, it was an ironic way to describe a pile of my sketches. Instead of a glory pile, I called it a glory hole. It made sense then.

Shatraw said...

how can you not like pineapple? you're totally mad.

also, glory hole. tee hee!

Phaea C. said...

I love pineapple. but not in my granola. brrrrrr.