Monday, January 07, 2008


Here is the latest by JBMorse:

What the hell is going on around here I thought to myself. I've never seen so many half eaten bananas in all my life. In all actuality I think it must be pretty rare to see a half eaten banana. I guess that's what made it such a strange occurrence. I couldn't get the man at the counter to stop staring at me. I suppose he noticed how stunned I was when I walked through the door. He was like a piece of art the way his eyes followed me from one end of the market to the next. After it was obvious enough to the both of us that we were going to interact at some point I made my move. As I walked up to the counter his eyes didn't shift their fix on mine until I got within whisper range. I said to him "Hey Pops, what's with the half eaten bananas?". He looked up at me and said "You tell me how to get the whole thing up your ass without it breaking in two.". As the words he said began to process through my mind I could only think how unappealing the situation had just become.

Right on JMorse. Right on.

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