Thursday, December 13, 2007


We woke up early and headed into the city. It was a perfect Chicago day. Cold and cloudy! We started to see the city in the distance and got all excited.

The city is really amazing. The river and the lake are on either side of you and the high way snakes around the gorgeous parks down town. Tim and I were in awe, AND as we finally entered down town Megan got a phone call that she had sold a painting in Miami and was being commissioned to do a show in Vegas! Good news!

We went to breakfast at Blackie's, a bar/restaurant that Megan used to eat at every week after church. Tim was excited because there was a smoking section. In fact, his head nearly exploded.

Then we check in to the hotel in the south loop. Here was our view:

But then we walked outside and past Grant Park:

and down to Millennium Park by "The Gateway to the Clouds" ie the Bean.

Nothing less then fucking gorgeous.

Then we wandered up through the shopping district and stumbled upon a German themed Christmas fair in a small square with a Picasso sculpture of something (we assume a vagina.)

As we wandered Tim spotted a sign which read : NO ALCOHOL PAST THIS POINT. Which, of course, means that there was alcohol to be had. A kind Chicagoan pointed us towards the beer/spiced-wine-in-a-novelty-boot-stand and we indulged in a good old German/Chicago tradition of drinking in the middle of the day.

After a bit more mucking about around the city and in our hotel room. (Discovery Channel was involved) we headed off on the Red line to Wrigleyville to get dinner and see a show at The Improv Olympics. We passed Wrigley field on the way. It looked scary, but it was still cool.

After dinner and a few beers at Goose Island (a bar named after a REAL ISLAND)...

...we headed to Improv Olympics to see the improv show "Whirled News Tonight", which was great, had a cast member who looks just like Martin Mull, and was besieged on all sides by 40 drunken slutty dentists and dental hygienists from Indiana (Damn you Indiana!) who talked all through the show, walked across the stage, and showed us lots of side boob.

Then we jumped in a cab and went to Second City, the most famous comedy club in the world! Maybe. It was 11pm at this point and we were still going strong.

Tim and I drank Fat Tire 22 ounce beers. Tim had four, I had two. By the end of the show, "Pratfall of Civilization" staring a bunch of people but especially (a man who looked like) the Rush Chairman from Animal House and a dude with a big face (Andy St. Clair), we were drunk. But not drunk enough to not enjoy meeting our improv hero, Jon Lutz:

...who comes from New York and knew Megan's friend Jerry who had joined us half way through the show. Lutz had hit the Second City e.t.c stage at 1am for a free improv jam with the cast of the previous show. Good lord it was good.

So then, after sort of embarrassing ourselves (I attempted a not super good stalker joke and Jon Lutz scurried off) we went to this bar:

...I think called the Ale House. Got a little drunker....

...and headed back to the hotel room around 330am.

Tomorrow....the world....!

To be continued.....

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Shatraw said...

isn't it simply iO now? or improv olympic... sans the whole 's' thing?

looks fun. chicago is good for smokin' indoors.