Friday, December 14, 2007


For some reason the only picture we took on the third day was this one:

Which Tim assured me I would "laugh about" someday. Ha.

Here is long and short of the sunday: We were hung over! Megan went off to a jewel show with her mom and the only thing Tim and I managed to do was get lost for 45 min 'round Chicago's lovely streets looking for Second City.

We made it to the last half hour of the Second City Musical Improv Jam (for free!) and saw our buddy Trish kick some improv ass.

We wanted to try and make it to a Black Hawks game, but a long dinner or fried mushrooms, french fried shrimp, and deep dish pizza at Giordano's

we missed "puck off" or whatever and headed instead to the Annoyance Theatre to catch the 8pm Lil' Talent Show, which was creative if not consistant and included only the second and third attractive people we had seen in Chicago. Sorry midwest...its true.

Then a tip from Jerry sent us back to the io for a cheap improv jam at 1030pm. We saw three groups - the best being 3033 which included none other then Rush Chairman and big face (Andy St. Clair?) from Second City.
see- Rush Chairman on left, Andy center. Also - I did not take this picture, I stoled it.

It was some of the best I have ever seen. They were followed by Ghettoblaster, who were good as well, but had the added weirdness of doing a Boys 2 Men heavy set. This was bizarre because Boys 2 Men had been a big topic for the past fews days ranging from the time they sang at the World Series to what emotions came up for Tim and Megan when they heard "End of the Road".

At this point I was falling asleep in my beer and I begged Megan and Tim to let me go home. They agreed, but decided to get some beers and continue the party in our hotel room.

That picture of me with the towel was the last moment before I slipped into sleep to the sound of Tim and Megan "partying" (ie Megan falling asleep and Tim watching something on his computer)....with beer!!!

To be contiuned...


natalie said...

I can't believe you called my collective people ugly!

Phaea C. said...

I'm sorry! You are the exception! You are literally the best looking person to ever come from the midwest. But also you are the best looking person most any thats not so fair.

erin said...

i cannot believe you were in chicago and did not call me! i also can't believe that i looked at your blog for the first time in ages to find that you had just left said city where i reside. seriously. jeez crede. just for that i feel i should spell your name wrong, but i can't do it, you drilled the proper spelling into me far to well as a child. aside from my wrath, i hope you are happy and well and all of those wonderful things. if you ever show up in chicago again you damn well better call me. (or at least email)