Thursday, November 01, 2007


Awesome! A hunter took this picture in PA this week:
Besides being deliciously creepy, the unidentifiable creature raised all kinds of crazy excitement because of its similarity to the sasquatch of our dreams! Usually bigfoot is in the Northwest of the country, which means that this ape like creature maybe moving Southeast probably to find its buddy the lion thats hiding the West Virginia woods.

Some "scientists" say its just a bear with mange, proving once again that science is not only lame, but also disgusting.


Abbi said...

Once I thought I saw a bear cub sniffing flowers on the side of a road by a cemetery. Then I thought it was the ghost of a bear cub. Turns out it was just a black dog.

Sasquatch doesn't walk on all fours. He walks upright and eats Filet O'Fish sandwiches. Ain't you never seen this movie?

Terry said...

I couldn't find your email, so i'm telling you "You rock!" here.
More new posts please!
I've been digging lately and think you'd like it too.


Phaea C. said...

Thanks Terry!