Monday, October 01, 2007


LAS VEGAS - Wedding bells might not be far off for Pamela Anderson.

The former 'Baywatch' star and Rick Salomon applied for — and were granted — a marriage license late Saturday in Las Vegas, according to the Clark County's Marriage License Bureau.
- Yahoo News

As we all know Rick Salomon was the Co-Star of Paris' sex video. I think he is a "profession poker player."

And of course, we all remember the last time Pam got married 30 seconds ago to Kid Rock in 40 ceremonies around the world on a cruise ship.

I really blame society for this one. Why? Because we stand back in these famous peoples entourages and shadowy fan bases and when they do fucking crazy ass things (see: Michael Jackson's face and body), no one will call them out on it. Or at least go, hey, I know you are really rich and what not, but this is a fucking crazy thing to do. You should stop and then we will commit you as well because you are fucking crazy you crazy fucking rich crazy fucking celebrity.

If I was there, I would do it. I really would. I could be like the guy who serves people divorce papers and paternity suit. Hated, but justified. Like a bounty hunter for crazy. If there is an opening for that in Hollywood, please let me know.

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