Thursday, September 13, 2007


Based on nothing more then the Title and the picture that accompanies it in EW.


Life is Wild (the CW): Thought provoking. Life is wild, isn't it? This show makes you realize that you need a little more wild in your life.
Viva Laughlin (CBS): Dramatic look at the career of Lori Loughlin of Full House, but they spelled her name wrong.


Chuck (NBC): Lovable clown Chuck moves to the big city where he is a psychic and helps the lost souls of Manhattan reclaim their childhood dreams.
Samantha Who? (ABC): A high powered finance exec loses her memory and has to learn to love again.
Aliens in America (the CW): Hilarious take on the illegal alien problems as Martians try to take over the country and end up being forced to work middling jobs in kitchens in LA and New York.
The Big Band Theory (CBS): Stars Johnny Galecki as a brilliant but troubled young man who fights crime at night under the pseudonym The Big Bang. His nemesis is The Creationist!
K-Ville (FOX): Rhymes with "evil", if you say it in a weird southernesqe accent. Its about chefs.


The Reaper (The CW): This kid accidentally kills death and so he has to take his place Ala The Santa Clause.
Cavemen (ABC): We all know too much. Far too much.
Carpoolers (ABC): Hilarious look at the life of suburban families.
Cane (CBS): Magic cane falls into the hands of a troubled high schooler.


Private Practice: (ABC): Who the hell is Kate Walsh again? Does she just have an amazing agent or is it just me?
Back to You (FOX): Kelsey Grammer left his wife years ago and his life has not gone well so her tried to move back in.
Pushing Daises (ABC): Landscaping genius kid tries to get his horticulture business off the ground with hilarious results.
Kid Nation (CBS): Babies run a television station with hilarious results.
Kitchen Nightmares (FOX): I smell Gordon Ramsay. Oh god, his balls are on fire!
Gossip Girl (The CW): They ordered food from Lounge 47 when I worked there.
Dirty Sexy Money (ABC): Rich people have dirt.
Life (NBC): Reality show based off of the popular game!
Bionic Woman (NBC): Finally Robotic beings rule the world.


Big Shots (ABC): Three guys travel the world and take shots with Zane Lamprey.


The Next Great American Band (FOX): If you take the first two letters from the last four words it says Negramba.
Nashville (FOX): They put a camera down on a corner in Nashville and let it roll. Directed by Chantal Akerman.
Moonlight (CBS): People that work day jobs and night jobs with hilarious results.
Woman's Murder Club (ABC): Seriously? You named a show that? Really? You thought that was a good idea?

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