Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I was really touched and weirded out about all the feedback I got on my earwax problem!

People really were worried about my condition, and I received many phone calls and emails:

Gorgeous Gary sent me a link:

and Sweet Sweet Justin sent me this:

At 1:45am Monday night I was on the N train home and my ear finally unclogged. It was like I had never heard so much sound in my life.The N train passing through the tunnel was like a lullaby.

Hours later I stuck a Q-tip in the ear and clogged it up again. But it seems to be better now.

On a side note: everyone is telling me that sticking Q-Tips in your ears is a self-abusive thing to do. I am so confused because Q-Tips are long and thin with a cotton ball on the end...the design itself suggests "jam my in your ear canal you freak!" Whatever.

I learned that ear wax prevents infections, so suck it Q-Tip.


cohencide said...

My concern was entirely selfish since you are the only person who seems to laugh when I do my act. I feared that if you went deaf that might stop. Although I assume you would still be able to feel the comedy. If I had known I would be referred to as Gorgeous Gary I would have commented a long time ago.

Megan said...

My friend and I were so disturbed and enraged by the news that you are not supposed to use Q-tips to remove ear wax that we became stricken with ear wax indecision. Until she found a little wooden Chinese ear pick and went down to Chinatown...ear wax wise, that is. I of course, jam a Qtip in there constantly out of spite.