Monday, July 23, 2007


Drew Carey was officially named as the new host of The Price is Right. I think this is the latest down step in what was once a promising career for a shapeless and funny comedian. I don't know if you "plebes" have ever seen his stand up, but its lovely. He had a joke about being drunk and driving up on the side walk 'round Christmas time that I quote to this day. (I just did I youtube search and couldn't find a thing!)Then he had that so-so sitcom with the weird musical numbers that I WANTED to like because I certainly love musicals (no problem with youtube there: then he FUCKED up "Who's Line is it Anyway" for Americans by announcing OUT LOUD every FIVE MINUTES that the points didn't matter, which is something that it took you at least 10 episodes of the English show to realize. As well as forcing Wayne Brady on the world. And now, he's going to age on TV like a sad child actor, only instead of becoming hot and legal, he will become pasty and wrinkly and then he will die. The price is wrong. So very wrong.


Justinsbackpocket said...

I think it's important to recognize where this argument ultimately fails. Although it is reasonable to conclude that this is truly a sad state of affairs, the reality of a comedian turned-game show host these days is the literary equivalent of using the phrase "the price is wrong" in a Price is Right story. Both are the obvious results of taking the easy route, coupled with a clear and obvious lifetime social outlet of beer and black outs.

Phaea C. said...

What a fine argument!