Friday, July 13, 2007


Ok, I am the worlds biggest Tintin fan, but I know that Herge's first comic "Tintin in the Congo" is horribly racist. He admitted later in life that his limited experience around African people and the general racism of Belgium sort of confused his artistic vision. Alot. A frickin' huge amount. Like the most offensive and ungodly way you can ever imagine in the world of cartoon racism. (But hey "Tintin in Tibet", right? What a ride that comic was, right?) So, anyway when I read that UK Borders were taking "Tintin Au Congo" off the shelves I could pretty much understand why.


Here's what David Enright, a London-based human-rights lawyer, said about the comic:

"My black wife, who actually comes from Africa originally, is sitting
there with my boys and I'm about to hand this book to them....
What message am I sending to them? That my wife is a monkey, that
they are monkeys?"

Ha ha ha. "black wife".

I guess that's the new "PC" term that human-rights lawyers use.

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