Monday, July 09, 2007


I was in the Phily suburb of Villanova with my comedy contemporary over this weekend . On Saturday night we found ourselves at a very special place called The Rusty Nail to see a Hard Core band called Through the Noise play. You must follow the links to experience the full...uh...experience.

Hard Core music is amazing in a small space because when the singer flipped off society, he basically stuck his finger up my nose and then later Becca got a table thrown at her. HARD CORE.

Besides that I learned two amazing things:

1) If you are 25 years old in a Phily Suburb you are married. No excuses. Becca and I were the only two ladies without a diamond ring and a wedding band from Villanova to the King of Prussia Mall and all the way to the outskirts of Bucks County. It is surreal. In the way that we New York kids toss around phrases like "is the L train running tonight?" they say "Is she engaged?", with the assumption that of course she is.

2) You can buy a PBR tall boy for $2.50. Beyond that you have the choice of a PBR bottle or PBR on draft. I chose the tall boy can, obviously, and thought myself very cool and hip. Becca's friend took one look at me and laughed and informed me that if you are drinking a PBR in PA you are a red neck, not a super cool hipster like I think I am. But I also learned that after 3 PBR tall boys you don't really care about being a redneck or a hipster but you are in fact, drunk.

Cheap beer wins.

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